under min somnlöshet hittade jag en sida med massa olika test som jag har gjort, här kommer resultaten ;D:

What sex position are you?

Doggy Style
Arf arf! You enjoy the other side of life.

The Love Test

Stupidly In Love
You are so in love that it makes you stupid. The love you have for this person, will take you to the ends of the earth and back. You are so in love with them that you can be at risk of being walked all over so beware. Do not let any one stomp your heart out.

What kind of beauty are you?

You have the mask on.
You are Erotic. You love to love. You love sex. You like the lights off, you like to be cold. You're beautiful and someone close to you would die for you in a heartbeat. You are truly lucky and you should probably do a little soul searching if you disagree.. Take a good look at your life, you are looked up upon and appreciated and loved more than you can realize...

SEX IQ (redo)

Playful and knows what to say, when to say it and how to get what you want! You know what to do in the sack but you lack a bit of passion. You want to just go straight on to the bang!! Slam, bam thank you ma'am!

What mean girl are you?

Gretchen Weiners.
You are pretty, stylish and a loyal friend. No one notices you because you let your friend take the limelight so get a back bone and then enjoy all the attention.

What Color Hair Should You Really Have?

You Are Full Of Sunshine Blonde!
You are fun and exciting to be around. Don't worry everyone gets blonde moments. We just happen to exagerate them. But thats what everyone loves about you. You are not afraid to do anything...almost anything! You are here to have a fun time, and if anyone wants to join...the more the better!

How gay are you!

You are straight!
You are straight and wouldnt date the same sex but it does not bother you for ppl to be gay. You have gay friends and are ok with it.

loser test

you're the sickest fiercest kid around.You amaze others with how brave you are. you're outgoing creative and could care less what ppl think of you and that makes you a leader ..Keep enjoying life no matter what ppl say

how sexy are u???

Super sexxxi
Boys love you are girls are jealous. Every time a guy walks past hes sayin daaamn! You know that youre sexy and you play it like youre the hottest damn thing in this world. cuz you are!

Whats ur dance style?girls ONLY

ur style the tango its a sick dark world but w/ ur dancing skill it brightens everyones day!

haha fyfan, vissa resultat kan inte stämma alls, det fanns sjukt många att göra och jag har suttit och gjort massor och garvat ihjäl mig åt hur det har blivit, men jag orkade bara lägga upp dom första haha. dom andra var ju nästan pinsamma, iaf.. nu är klockan 04.00 och jag sitter fortfarande uppe.. måste gå och lägga mig! båda Niklasarna har dragit från msn så jag har inte ens något att prata med. så nu ska jag sova.

förresten kolla ni kan nog allt få er ett gott skratt ^^

Postat av: blomqvist

Om du nu är så hopplöst kär och sexig, varför säger du inget till mig?! :D <3

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