idag hade jag en dålig morgon så jag stannade hemma.
tänkte gå ut och ta en promenad,
och då börjar det spöregna?
hoppas snart att det klarnar upp.

If I keep holding out, will the lights shine through?
Under this broken roof, it's only rain that I feel
I've been wishing out the days, come back

I have been planning out, all that I'd say to you
Since you slipped away, know that I still remain true
I've been wishing out the days

Please say, that if you hadn't of gone now
I wouldn't have lost you another way
From wherever you are, come back

And these days, they linger on
And in the night, as I'm waiting on
The real possibility I may meet you in my dream
I go to sleep

If I don't fall apart, will the memories stay clear?
So you had to go, and I had to remain here

So far away
And yet you feel so close
And I'm not gonna question it any other way

There must be an open door
For you to come back

Postat av: Carro

saknar dig i skolan!

2008-04-14 @ 13:55:03
Postat av: sarra

tack baby :) du är ännu snyggare :D

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